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Victoria Ross Patti

My Story:

I’m a chic who loves steel!!  I want to work with it every day, to find new ways to make it look good on your body as a necklace or to go big for a public art installation in a park.  Most of my clients enjoy buying my art for a special occasion or as a custom handmade gift for someone, such as a high heel shoe that is inscribed with initials.  I’ve been working with steel since the early ‘90’s and my affinity for it has not waned, in fact it has increased! Learning new techniques to beautify steel keeps my art fresh and evolving.

Why Do I Do It?

I am fascinated with making steel look soft, curvy and sometimes feminine. Steel can be seen as cold, hard, with unmovable character…. until it is heated to 2000 degrees, then it becomes fun and malleable, though still strong to the core. I’m especially drawn to custom sculpture commissions, making a statement piece from someone else’s vision or idea. Clients have said my sculptures can exude a delicate strength in a room. The necklaces have been referred to as a “talisman” for strength.

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