My Story

I’ve been working with steel since the early ‘90’s and my affinity for it has grown. I challenge myself to learn new ways to make metal move, to see it in another perspective, and to keep my art evolving. I started as an industrial mechanic at a municipal water treatment facility, this is where I learned how to weld and work with metal. A 3-week blacksmithing course with Frank Turley in Sante Fe, NM, It brought me to another level with metal. I was drawn to the fluidity and softness of steel after it comes alive in 2000-degree heat. I learned how to make tools through blacksmithing practices such as forge welding, hardening, and tempering. I’m continuing the journey of expanding my artistic designs and composition with architectural metal projects and public art sculptures.

Why Do I Do It?

I am fascinated with the movement of hot pliable metal. My goal is to make the steel look soft, curvy and sometimes feminine. Steel can be seen as cold, hard, with unmovable character…. until it is heated to 2000 degrees, then it becomes fun and malleable, though still strong to the core. I’m especially drawn to custom sculpture commissions, making a statement piece from someone else’s vision or idea.

How Do You Find Out More?

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